Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Scenes from St. Augustine -- The Oldest House. It's a museum now and supposedly haunted (the ghost throws Skittles). The Monsters were quite disappointed that they didn't get ghostly Skittles.
I'm having trouble getting motivated this morning. Had my day all planned out -- finish cleaning Monster #1's room, laundry, maybe clean the bathroom. DH wants me to find paperwork. Does he have any idea what's involved in that right now?! Augh!
Over at Samhain, Sharon Cullen's new release Deception is out today. It's neat to see this book release as I critiqued it during an early incarnation. (She was writing it while I was writing His Ordinarly Life, so it's really interesting to have her book coming out the week before HOL appears in print.)
Okay. I have to go search for paperwork. If I don't come back, y'all know what happened.

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