Sunday, April 08, 2007

The End of Spring Break . . . Sigh

I have to actually get up and go to work tomorrow. Actually, work starts today. Here's my TTD list:

1) finish laundry
2) read/mark up last six research papers
3) complete TAC edits, send to Anne
4) put together my poetry anthology packet to copy for the 11th graders tomorrow a.m.
5) make a weekly plan for both of my 9th grade classes
6) DH's FAFSA stuff
7) If I have time, get through the Angie/Cait conversation in Stay With Me.

What are you up to today?

Don't forget I'm wrapping up my Spring Break contest tonight at 8:00 EST -- I'll be drawing two names from this week's commenters for a download of What Mattered Most.

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Cherie said...

Happy Easter! Just finished giving the two little ones their Easter baskets. The 5 motnh old couldn't say much but smiled at her bunny. The toddler was so excited and thanked us a bunch. We were out most of the day and ate out so we are looking forward to just relaxing tonight. Still got to give the baby a bath as well. Then I will probably curl up with a good book later.

Cherie J