Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sorry, Minnie Driver, I Love You . . .

But after catching up (sort of) on the new series (thanks, Amie!), The Riches, I can't stand Driver's character Dahlia (Dahling) aka Cherine. I suspect it's because I can't relate to her and therefore find her less-than-sympathetic.

However, I love George Izzard's Wayne/Doug. Okay, he's lying, thieving slime, but he's lying, thieving slime who loves his wife, his kids, reads, and is seeking something better.

Dahlia? Oh, good Lord. Let's see:

Drug addict.



I can't see her as a good parent, although there's obvious affection between Dahlia and the cross-dressing ten-year-old. I feel like it's me, me, me with her -- she wants to go back to the family of Irish travellers although it's obvious the pond-scum cousin running the show would marry her teenage daughter off to the guy who has to be the worst stereotype of inbreeding Southerners ever. In the pilot episode, when Wayne and the daughter are going to stay in the dead couple's house and Dahlia is walking out . . . part of me was seriously hoping she'd stay gone.

Yes, Wayne's scum, but he's redeemable scum. I haven't seen much capable of redemption in Dahlia yet. I'm going to hang around and watch, see if I can figure out what Wayne sees in Dahling.

So are you watching The Riches? What's your take on the characters?

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Amie Stuart said...

She IS selfish but I don't know if she's not redeamable. I'm so excited you got to watch. *bouncebouncebounce*

You know I don't know if the (two oldest) kids are much better than Dahlia (and I'm not sure how far you got but in the last two episodes you do see some --a little--change/growth in her but it's more the startling look in her eye as she realizes some truths about the world she now lives in and about life). I think part of it, again again I don't know how far you go, was her going to prison when it apparently should have been him. Some latent resentment on her part and I'm not sure I could blame her for that.

And OMG when she's making the cookies so she can go sweet talk the neighbor out of more pills I nearly flipped!

*Oh and by the way we're Jewish*


Jeez shut up Amie