Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Break, Day 1

Ah, seven days of freedom. Well, sort of. Here's my TTD list for this week:

1) Complete edits on Truth and Consequences.
2) Update the two blogs daily.
3) Take Monster #2 for quarterly checkup.
4) Help DH with his college admissions paperwork (including the yucky federal aid stuff)
5) Actually write past page two on the WIP.
6) Make conference/revision notes on 35 rough draft research papers.
7) Grade eleven final draft research papers.
8) Force, er, supervise the Monsters as they clean their rooms.
9) Get my poetry unit plans for both 9th and 11th lit written and ready to copy for students by Monday.
10) Relax.

I have a book (inspirational romantic suspense set in Russia) a friend gave me that I wanted to read this week, but it may end up waiting for summer. I also have Jane Eyre lying around. I wanted to read it so I could compare it to Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea.

Currently (meaing right this second), I'm working on my edits to TAC. I've already been out in the garden this morning, setting out canna lilies to go with my daylilies. I'm going to add some ferns, too, when I make it over to my mom's to pick up the one she told me I could have to set out.


Remember, I'm giving away two copies of What Mattered Most this week -- all you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment here or at the Hearts of the South blog.

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Joan Swan said...

Wow--you're going to be busy!! Have fun!!