Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things You'll Never See Me Write

1. Sappy poetry
2. The word "nubbin" in a love scene
3. The word "nubbin" in any scene
4. Short stories (Tried it. I stink at them almost as bad as I do at poetry.)
5. Romantic comedy (it's a talent I don't have)
6. My kids' names as major characters
7. Fantasy
8. Time Travel
9. The next Great American Novel
10. A Mary Sue story
11. Dangling modifiers
12. Manroot
13. Throbbing member

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Kristi said...

what about "his love wand"? :)


Xilly said...

Romantic comedy, yes. I don't have such talent as well. :)

Joan Swan said...

Add me to that humorless list. I suck at writing funny.


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