Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Good Things and Other Musings

I have good news -- my editor emailed me yesterday to let me know she wants to buy the submissions I had with her. This means I've officially sold six manuscripts and will be scheduled for releases probably into 2009/2010.

I'm hoping that having regular print releases combined with my electronic releases will lead to a solid base of readership. I've been pleased with the sales of What Mattered Most and I hope Truth and Consequences does as well or better when it releases in June. The print release of WMM is set for November, solidly between the electronic releases of His Ordinary Life and Hold On To Me. My print release of TAC should then fall in early 2008, when Anything But Mine should be releasing electronically.

On another note, I'm loving my new editor (not that I didn't love the old one!). She loves my work but pushes me to make it even better and I'm learning so much from her. I can already see the reflection of that in my new WIP. It feels stronger line-by-line, if that makes sense. And she believes in working ahead, which so works for me!

Another good thing in my life? My friend and CP, Carol. Like me, she loves to brainstorm, and she has a way of clarifying things for me. We talked last night for over an hour, mostly about revisions I need to make to HOTM. The changes are pretty hefty and I was afraid of them, but talking with her helped me see how to make the revisions and keep what I like most about the story. Anyway, I emailed my proposed changes off to said beloved editor last night, so we'll see if she likes them.

My plans for the weekend:

1) write two news articles for National Charter School Week (ack!)
2) finish up edits on TAC and send to editor
3) clean my pit of a house
4) hopefully spend time with best friend Pam.

I'll let you know what I get done!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Congrats on the sale, Lin!

MaryF said...

Congratulations, Linda!!

Linda Winfree said...

Thanks, y'all! I'm excited. :-D

Carol B. said...

Hey! I really enjoyed our brainstorming and catching up talk. Let's do it more often. :-)