Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have my FLE (final line edits) back on TAC. Hoping to get those done and back to Anne the Editor Goddess by Sunday night. Nothing too major, but it is amazing what slips through multiple rounds of CP viewing, a read by an agent (my former one), three rounds of extensive edits by the aforementioned Editor Goddess, not to mention the umpteen million times I've read the darn thing.

And like I said, nothing too major, but I want my work out there as perfect as possible.

For one, it's my reputation, and I don't like to be known as sloppy at anything.

For another, there's that whole misguided perception bouncing around the blogosphere that basically all books appearing in electronic form have not been well-edited.

I beg to differ.

Anne the Editor Goddess has soundly kicked my metaphorical butt on this book, she's in the process of doing the same on my future releases, and I love her for it. I'm learning so much, and I can see how working with her is making my new writing stronger.

I am very excited about TAC coming out next month. It's one of my favorite manuscripts, plus I feel it's a stronger book than WMM. Also, it's the first book in my Hearts of the South series, and I have to admit I have big dreams for that series.

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On a side note, summer vacation is mere days away! My mind is turning from school and assignments and grading to . . . books. I know. I teach English; my mind is always on books. But summer stretches before me, the time when I get to read for me. Oh, I'll read for school and I'll be working on assignments and such, but I am looking forward to sitting under the gazebo and reading. I just received my royalty check for April, and I'm thinking I could splurge and purchase a stack of books just for summer reading.

Any suggestions on must-read titles?


Joan Swan said...

Good luck on the edits! You couldn't do sloppy even if you TRIED, Lin!

Kristi said...

Joan's "write" - you'd have to work overtime to be sloppy! :) Good luck on the edits and the new release...

And book recommendations? Loved, loved, loved Karin Tabke's Skin (a review will be up on my blog at some point this weekend)...and Catherine Coulter's Born To Be Wild was a good read, too...