Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Testing Season

Otherwise known as "teacher hell."

Actually, it's probably not as bad as it seems. The kids have already taken my end-of-course tests, and the computers didn't die. No, that happened to the science department today -- the entire server for the state went down . . . while the kids were in the middle of high-stakes testing. I understand that was really fun.

However, I am out of my room most of the day because testing is going on in my room. No biggee -- I've floated before, so moving to another room or even several other rooms doesn't bother me.

But not being at my desk during planning?




I can't get anything done.

We won't discuss the number of emails I have to return. I am officially 1/3 through grading poetry anthologies. I actually enjoy grading those -- it's a nice way to get re-introduced to poets I love and poets I've never discovered.

I've avoided the urge to call in this week (I was feeling horrible Sunday, but it's gotten better as the week's gone on). I hardly ever call in -- it's too hard to get a sub. I have over forty sick days banked! I could take off the last eight days of school and still have a month of days left! (Not that I would do that. But it's tempting some days.)

Now I have to go wade through my inbox and return emails! Later, gators!

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