Monday, May 07, 2007

What Does Your Email Heading Say About YOU?

Two email subject lines from my inbox:

1) poetry problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Help.

I typed them as they are in my email. They are both from students with questions about their 11th grade poetry anthologies.

What can you tell me about each kid?

Hey, let's make it a contest . . . person with the closest profile of BOTH kids gets a free download of What Mattered Most. If I have more than one right, I'll enter all correct profiles in a drawing for the same.


Carol B. said...

1) poetry problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl. Attention getter.

2) Help.
Boy. Wants you to practically do it for him.

Anonymous said...

lol... 'Help.' looks like what i would write.... just because i am honest and would be too exasperated to try and fit my entire list of problems into a mere subject line.

#1 looks like a jakie. nuff said.