Monday, December 19, 2005

#1 Reason ebay Rocks

Know that catchy little ad campaign of ebay's? "You can find IT on ebay."

It's true. You can find anything.

Dining room slipcovers . . . a set for ten bucks.

A linear amp for a CB radio. (Ask the DH . . . I bought it for him.)

Vintage suitcase.

A 1945 Army Air Force footlocker.

Cute beaded purses.

An oil painting of a ship.

Robert Wood seascapes.

And books that won't turn you loose . . .

See, way back in the day, a friend of the family (later to be my high school English teacher and even later to be a valued teaching colleague) gave my dad a huge box of Harlequin romances for me, the avid reader in our household. I really doubt Daddy realized what he was handing over to his thirteen-year-old, but in no time I was hooked.

I outgrew my Harlequin glom, but not the pull of romance (hence why I write romantic suspense instead of straight mystery/suspense). But I never outgrew the way certain books pull at you -- characters and situations you can't forget. I even remember titles.

So out of sheer curiosity, I went searching for titles of old paperbacks on ebay, and to my surprise, I found some:

Savage Atonement -- By classic Harlequin author Penny Jordan, this has to be the Big Mis plot to end all Big Mis's. But the hero grovels for the ENTIRE book to make up for his stupidity. You gotta love it.

The Woman in the Mirror -- By Lynn Turner. There's a fantastic segment in the book where the hero believes the heroine is dead. I've always wanted to recreate that level of angst.

Hey, and they're a penny a piece! I'm off to shop some more . . .

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