Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Progress Report

Pages written today: er, none

What I accomplished today:

1) Took down the Christmas tree
2) Cleaned out Monster #2's closet -- a bag of clothing and a box of toys/books for Goodwill or the Salvation Army
3) Cleared Monster #2's room in preparation for pulling up carpet, etc.
4) Four loads of laundry
5) Cleaned the living room

Tomorrow I need to spend some mom-time with the Monsters. A friend has her nephew for the day -- she suggested a movie. Narnia, maybe, but I'm still reading the novel to the Monsters and kind of wanted to finish it first.

My holidays are dwindling. Only five more days . . . where does the time go, anyway? I've been hustling and hustling (except for Saturday and Sunday), but I don't feel I've really made any headway on what needed to be done.

There's just never enough time to do everything. Hey, I'm open to tips and suggestions!

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