Thursday, December 29, 2005

The To-Do List

Everyone around me is busy making goals for the New Year. I'm not quite ready for that, maybe because I made goals -- workable goals -- for last year. I crashed and burned, too. Not a pretty sight, I'm telling you.

But I'm thinking about goals. Maybe by the end of the week (or month), I'll be ready to put them in black and white.

But I do have a daily To-Do list (actually, I have one every day). Want to see today's?

1) Clean kitchen
2) Finish laundry
3) Find a place for all of the Monsters' Christmas gifts
4) Write thank-you notes for my Christmas gifts/have Monsters write theirs
5) Clean the office -- get Goodwill stuff out of corner and into truck
6) Start on the bedroom

Also, if time/inclination:

1) Pick up from school standards notebooks and stuff to grade
2) Grade character notebooks

I'm getting off the Internet so I can get a few things accomplished. Talk to y'all later!

1 comment:

Amie Stuart said...

I'm NOT making a year's worth of goals. I had 15 last year and I'm so glad I can't find the list cuz I blew most of them. I'm making goals through Jan-Feb and that's it!

Right now my goal is to get off this computer and go paint my son's room. Not much of a birthday present but he didn't ask for much.