Monday, December 26, 2005

Observations on the Day After

Just a few things of note:

1) Ebay is addictive.

2) Tayari Jones is my new idol. Read Leaving Atlanta. In one day. Christmas Eve, to be exact. Oh. My. God. Will review for you in the next couple days. But trust me . . . go buy it!

3) When renovating a bathroom, one would be wise to install the 54 inch tub in the 54 inch space before one installs the toilet, new flooring, new wallcovering.

4) The DH is very adroit when it comes to renovating. Somehow, he managed to install the 54 in tub in the 54 inch space around the toilet and new flooring with minimal damage to the new wallcovering . . . I'm impressed.

5) The same Monsters who balk at picking up junk they've strewn in the yard will spend hours picking up pecans once money for pecans is mentioned.

6) Whole-house renovations, especially when one lives among the construction is, well, emotionally draining (even if it is totally worth it).

7) When one wants one's home finished badly enough, one is not even upset that her Christmas gift was . . . wait for it . . . a miter saw! One was quite moved.

8) Christmas break moves waaaay too quickly.

9) A ten-dollar bass fishing game from Walmart can entertain three males of disparate ages for hours. Literally . . . hours. Heck, make that days.

10) One's mother saves her own hugely successful diet by sending all the goodies (yum . . . coconut cake) to one's home, thereby sabotaging the healthy eating resolutions. Hmmm. Does a week make that much of a difference? One is normally good all year.

Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday . . . and best wishes for the new year.


Amie Stuart said...

Hey I got a new light for my kitchen for christmas! LOL Home Depot Rocks!

Tayari said...

How sweet is this?? Thank you!