Saturday, December 17, 2005

A-Ha Moments

Ever have one of those? I'm not getting one just yet . . . but I think I'm on the verge of one. And it's going to be something so darn simple that I'll end up feeling like an idiot.

The last few weeks, well, okay, months, I've had trouble writing. As in, open the file and the response is either a) tears or b) nausea. Not fun, especially for someone for whom writing has always been a joy, where there's a literal urge to get to the keyboard some days. I haven't been feeling that forever now.

The ideas had shut down, the characters had shut down, the words had shut down.

I think it's because I'm writing the wrong story.

I don't mean the wrong characters or the wrong novel. The wrong story. I'd become so fixated on crafting the perfect external plot and conflict that I'd lost what had drawn me to Celia and Tom in the first place -- how he falls in love with her despite himself, how she allows herself to trust a man and her heart again.

Like I said, it's the verge of an a-ha! I'm not there yet. I have no idea how to fix the convoluted mess I've created or how to get them back to the point where I first fell in love with their story. Or even if I can.

Wish me luck.


chryscat said...

I'm sending you LOADS of good thoughts. I know how frustrating this can be.
Hope that A-ha blesses you soon.

Jaye said...

Lin, I've been in a similar situation with my own writing this past year. Focusing on a whole bunch of other stuff and not the heart of the story. Lately, that's slowly begun to change. (yay, me!)

Good luck with your a-ha! moment. And fingers still crossed for the submissions you have out there with your agent!