Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Now That Feels Better . . .

More like me. I like the lighthouse, like the symbolism of it, even if it doesn't really fit the gritty realism of my romantic suspense.

Yes, the archives are gone and the blog has a new title, but the same old addy and I'm the same old me. I haven't gotten my links back up, but I will soon. Probably this weekend, after I grade exams.

I've been a little slow to post lately because I'm thinking heavily upon the content I want here, for a variety of reasons. In some ways, I'm sad I dumped the archives, but in others, it was very much like sloughing dead weight.


I'm here.

You're here.

I think tonight or tomorrow we'll talk about the type of readers we are. See you soon.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

You know, I never even knew that was a lighthouse.

The things you learn...

Carol B. said...

Keep the character posts. Those were fun.