Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Don't Use the R Word

It started last week, before school even let out.

"Just think -- Friday you can go home and relax."

"It's Christmas break. Relax."

The next person to tell me to relax gets smacked, okay?

Christmas break (any break, for that matter) isn't about relaxation. It's about catching up on all the things I let slide during first semester. For instance:

1) kids' doctor's appointments
2) kids' dental appointments
3) kids' haircut appointments (see a trend here?)
4) tax paperwork
5) insurance paperwork
6) cleaning
7) grading stuff I didn't grade yet

It used to be about writing. This year, not so much. I'm still trying to work my way through the morass of my current manuscript.

I think I'll go clean something.

And maybe that is my form of trying to relax.

1 comment:

chryscat said...


YES. Screw relaxing. *snicker*
By God, you do whatever the hell you please. Hmph.
I'll relax when the kids have opened their presents, and I can inhale and exhale without hitting one in the head.