Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ah, It's Raining . . .

And pouring.

I have website issues, two weeks before What Mattered Most releases. I hope to have those fixed, um, shortly.

More seriously, and very scary, my niece has been hospitalized today with meningitis.

We're having icky rainy, stormy weather, seven years to the day since a deadly F4 tornado tore through the area in the middle of the night. (The DH called earlier, said the news was talking about New Orleans being hit by tornadoes earlier today.)

The electrical gnomes are acting up around here again.

Monster #2 left my good black pen out . . . and Sallie the Wonder Dog ate it.

There are positives, though -- I managed to check off everything on my TTD list today. Monster #2 has all his homework done. Monster #1 is being more responsible about homework. And What Mattered Most releases in two weeks!


PamB said...


I am anxiously waiting your 1st release. Good luck, and I'll be there. I think you are going to knock their socks off!

I hope your niece is ok.


Joan Swan said...

Sorry to hear about your niece--very stressful!

Let me know if you need website help, Lin. I'm happy to do it. Doesn't sound like you need more to stress over at the moment.


Carol B. said...
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Carol B. said...

What is going on with your website? I went over there to pull stuff for my blogpost on WMM and the site was down completely. :-(

Sorry about your niece--glad it was the less serious kind of meningitis.

I'll check Samhain's site to see if they have anything I can use for my post.