Thursday, February 22, 2007

Looking for My Thursday Thirteen?

Well, I had good intentions, but . . .

This has not been one of my better days, LOL. Not that it was a bad day, just a largely unproductive day. I did see a couple of former colleagues at our school's Open House tonight, so that was cool. I was going to grade during Open House (this is our s-l-o-w Open House where no one shows up -- vastly different from our August one where you can't catch your breath!), but I ended up getting nary a paper graded. I am behind.

I have to come up with a blog topic for my post over at RWKF tomorrow -- we're doing a theme week on sexual tension and what can I say that hasn't already been said?! Am wracking my brain, believe me!

I also have until tomorrow to post my next line in Karin Tabke's first line contest . . . and I haven't written the next line! Can we say procrastination? Technically, the line is written . . . it's just really, really, really bad and I need to fix it before I post it.

One of my colleagues told me today he didn't know how I got everything done, and I laughed. My secret? I don't. I do a handful of things very, very well, another handful of things at a decent rate of competency, and a lot of other things get half-done or fall by the wayside. I had this huge promo plan for What Mattered Most . . . and I think I did one thing. I'm trying, though! Maybe since my birthday is this weekend, I need to have a big birthday bash and give away debut prizes? What do you think?

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Joan Swan said...

Procrastination is the topic of E's personal blog, too. :-)

TT is (evidently) going out of style, or out of business, or whatever. :-(

Hang in there.