Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Still Dreaming . . .

Not sure if I'm dreaming more lately, or if reading my student's research on dreams is making me more aware of what I dream.

Last night wasn't about being chased.

Last night was a Harlequin Presents dream.

I know, I know, get all your laughing out of the way. First, I love the occasional Harlequin Presents. I loved them all through high school, when I read every one the local library had. Alpha heroes, spunky heroines, exotic locales (hey, London is exotic!), Big Misunderstandings, the Other Woman, secret babies . . . what wasn't to love?

So last night, I had the whole exotic locale (some touristy beachy area with a historic district), the rich, powerful hero, the determined heroine . . . and a secret baby. Although the baby wasn't a baby, but a teenage boy. Not sure why the heroine had kept the child a secret . . . I think she didn't know where the hero was all those years (hey, it was a dream, okay?). Anyway, she had two other children, two daughters in the early teen years. I think they were adopted, but I'm not sure. The alarm woke me up before I got the whole gist of everything, but the feeling of the dream has stayed with me today.

How cool would it be to harness my dreams into novels?


Joan Swan said...

Very cool. Get your journal out and put it beside your bed!

Carol B. said...

Hey, that's what I do. Often I awake to realize that a scene or new story has just come to me. Maybe I was dreaming it, I don't know. I just know the story is very vivid and I have to go write it down.

Maybe you should keep a dream journal for book ideas.