Monday, February 26, 2007

In the Mood for a Little Romance?

My birthday was Friday, and it was a hectic day. Basically, in all the craziness of life, my birthday ended up a tad overlooked at home. Hey, no big deal.

However, my DH is a sweetheart, and today he picked up my car, detailed it for me, and returned it with a really sweet, mushy birthday card inside. When I arrived home, he had supper cooked and on the table. See? This is why he's my very own romance hero after eighteen years.

Oh, and by the way . . . What Mattered Most is LIVE and ON SALE NOW!

I think I want to celebrate by giving away a copy! Tell you what . . . in the comment section, tell me the most romantic gesture you've ever experienced, and I'll draw for a free copy in the format of your choice. Let's see . . . how about if we leave this open until noon tomorrow (Pacific Standard Time)? (I'll also be giving away another copy over at RWKF this week -- see my upcoming Friday post for details!).

Comment away!


Joan Swan said...

Can't put me in for the give-a-way copy, but I just wanted to say a super congrats on the release and happy belated birthday. Glad it was fun.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Me too. Darn it.

Congrats, Lin! I'm psyched for you!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

BTW...happy belated bday. 29, right?

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! When I turned sweet 16, my boyfriend organized a suprise birthday party for me at his parents' home. He had transformed his mom's living room into a dance floor by removing the furniture! We danced and danced and had the greatest time! Connie

Elisa said...

Happy belated birthday, Linda!! And congrats on What Mattered Most! I bought a copy this morning.

Carol B. said...

I've already congratulated you privately on both counts, but I just wanted to say how happy I am for you on the release of WMM. It's really neat, after having seen it from it's inception, to see it for sale.

I want a hard copy too, when the print form comes out, but I couldn't resist buying 2 e-copies. One for me, one for a friend.

So, have any of your colleagues at work or students bought a copy?

Carol B. said...

Oh, and kudos to your DH. Good man! :-)

I'm not in the running, but the most romantic gesture??? My DH is full of them and there's 26+ yrs worth already. How about this one - he snuck into my office at work early one Valentines Day and left flowers, a card and a HUGE teddy bear in my chair.

Linda Winfree said...

37, E. 29 is a long ways away in my rearview mirror, LOL.

Thanks, all, for the congrats (and Elisa and Carol, for purchasing copies!).

Connie, your contest copy is on its way! I hope you like it!

Y'all are the best, you know that, right?