Sunday, February 04, 2007

More Weird Dreams for Me

I've been lazy today. Finished the laundry, but basically, I've been vegging on the couch. I think it's the cold weather -- I simply want to curl up with a throw and the remote. So I've been alternating between Ghost Hunters on SciFi and the Little House on the Prairie marathon on the Hallmark channel.

Had another "being chased" dream last night. I have a student who's doing her research project on the secret meaning of dreams. Maybe I should consult her. Again, the idea was one that could be possibly spun into part of a book plot, although this dream was scarier than the other. The first dream involved a woman taking her children and running from a very bad marriage-situation. She was hiding under an assumed identity. Last night's dream didn't make tons of sense, but I know there was a group of people traveling together (I was watching most of this "movie" dream, although early in it before it morphed, I was monitoring my ninth graders taking a test in it and my friend Mary and I were at the drive-thru window at KFC. Weird, huh?). In the dream, one woman was obviously the protagonist, and there was a lingering attraction of some sort (maybe a newfound attraction with an old acquaintance?) with one of the men in the group. I'm not sure why or where they were traveling, although there seemed to be something medical going on.

The location seemed to be tropical, kinda jungle-slash-coastal (does that make sense?). Anway, the latter part of the dream had a sense of doom and threat lingering over it. The group was hiding in some kind of village, with rough buildings, where people had already been killed. The heroine went into the ocean, swimming away from the threatening men seeking them.

Hey, I told you I dream weird. But I couldn't look away from the movie, and I woke up with it vivid in my head. Makes me wonder why I'm dreaming all this and if I'm seeing parts of future books or what.

How do you dream?

Edited to add: Did some research on "being chased" dreams. Supposedly, it's a sign of anxiety in real life. Gee, what would I have to be anxious about? Excuse me while I roll laughing on the floor.


Joan Swan said...

I don't know how I dream. They're lost only minutes after I wake and clear my head. But I should really keep a journal. I don't dream often, but when I do, they are interesting and could make great fiction twists. :-)

Kate R said...

I'm always traveling or moving in my dreams. I hate doing both but in the dreams it's not so bad. Life transitions, I suppose.

Maybe being chased is forced transitions?

Carol B. said...

Hey, a lot of that sounds like it could apply to Vince's story. Interesting.