Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen -- Things to Do In St. Augustine

Scenes from St. Augustine -- Reenactors atop the Castillo de San Marco, preparing to fire the cannons.

1) Visit the Castillo de San Marco. If you go on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, they fire the cannons, which is fun and educational.
2) Go to the beach. We prefer Vilano, but St. Augustine Beach out on Anastasia Island is nice too.
3) Eat lunch at the Spanish Bakery on St. George Street. (This is not to be missed!)
4) Visit the Mission of La Leche. Cool, quiet, peaceful, a great place to reflect.
5) Tour the Fountain of Youth. Yes, it's a little hokey, but the fourteen acres of grounds are gorgeous and you can feed the squirrels.
6) Walk the historic district. Beautiful atmosphere, great shopping.
7) Tour the San Sebastian Winery. Really interesting (even the Monsters enjoyed it) and the gift shop is great.
8) Listen to live music in the square.
9) Visit art galleries (if it's First Friday, they're all open in the evening too).
10) Walk the bay front.
11) Climb the lighthouse!
12) Eat at the Santa Maria and feed the fish and birds while you eat. Although I was nervous at first b/c the building is pretty old and the table felt less than clean, the experience and the food were fabulous!
13) Take a ghost tour. We did three -- one trolley, one carriage, one walking. All were fantastic, all met a different need. If you must choose one, the walking tour is fabulous.

I could go on and on and on (as I'm pretty sure you've noticed I'm in love with this city, always have been), but maybe I'll save that for another day. :-)

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