Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today . . .

Scenes from St. Augustine -- The bay front area. This is where the horse and carriages park (we were on our way for our ghostly carriage ride -- that was a blast!). I love walking along here at night, with the historic district quiet around you and the waves lapping at the sea wall.

Today was all about errands. Put gas in the Jeep. Took Monster #1 to the orthodontist. IHOP for a late breakfast. A trip to the grocery store. A trip to Office Depot. The post office, the hardware store. (Yes, I lead an exciting life.)

While I'm working on Troy Lee's book (current word count: 43,117), I'm thinking through what I want to spend the fall working on. I think I have my idea, but all I'm getting right now are snippets of the story.

I must admit, on a different note, that going through the St. Augustine photos to post here makes me a little melancholy. Early in our marriage, the DH and I had planned to move there.He was on a career track in law enforcement, but he made a bad decision for us to move back to Georgia, following his heart when he really should have listened to his head (or to me). Although his motives were good, the move turned out badly and we've dealt with the repercussions for a long time. (This might explain why I tend not to follow my heart when making decisions -- I like to think through all the options.) It's not that I don't like my life now--I like where I teach, our home is basically paid for (although, you know, renovations from hell), we're close to my parents. At the same time, I love the cultural richness of St. Augustine, the beauty of the ocean, the appreciation of the arts (which enchanted Monster #1, our resident artist in the Winfree household). So while I enjoyed being there, I couldn't help seeing what could have been if the DH had continued the career track he was on back then. It's taken him a long way to find his way back to the place he is now, and it hasn't been easy. Like I said, just a little melancholy and pensive.

A couple of questions for you: Do you tend to follow your head or your heart when making decisions? And do you sometimes look at the what-might-have-been's or are you solely focused on the what-will-be's of your life?


Kristi said...

I'm a follow my heart girl ... but I do contemplate my least a little bit. :)

Move #1 (to the big city) - total heart thing (his name is Kyle) ... Move #2 - heart but only after contemplating the smartness of leaving a secure job ... Leaving career path to strike out on my own - another heart thing ... with a lot of "NO NO NO NO" from my head, which was summarily ignored.

BTW, I'm in lurrve with St. Aug now that I've seen your pics...gonna have to make a trip, I think!

Esther said...

Follow my heart, but then my head has to make it practical (e.g. left a secure corporate job at age 26 to move to the west coast to teach sailing!)

That was an easy one though because it was just me. Now, with a husband there are 2 hearts/heads to deal with. Not an easy thing!