Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What You Need

Scenes from St. Augustine -- St. George Street. Lots of historic buidings, closed to auto traffic, lots of great shopping and restaurants, not to mention a fun place to just walk, soak in the atmosphere and people watch.

I spent the evening at Mary's last night. Ever not realize you really need something until afterward? We talked, looked at her pictures from England, laughed, talked some more. I really needed to spend time with her! I'd smiled and laughed until my face actually hurt, but it felt great.

Jamie joined us for a few minutes after the UGA College World Series game and I was able to pick his brain about accident reconstruction, which I need for Troy Lee's book. Mary inadvertently gave me an idea for a book, one I'd toyed with while I'd played with the concept of a cold case trilogy, but I think it might be too close to the book I want to work on this fall.

On the writing front . . . made a little over my 1000 words yesterday, but it was painful. At least I'm producing. I'm hoping once I hit the next emotional/plot high point, my speed will pick back up. Current word count: 54,028 out of a targeted 80,000.

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