Friday, June 27, 2008

Wait. Is It Really Almost July?!

Scenes from St. Augustine -- The World Famous Love Tree! In Romancelandia, it would be the lurrrrve tree. It stands in front of the Love Tree Cafe (which contains an antique shop -- be still, my beating heart!) and right next to the Tolomato Cemetery (the haunted one that contains the remains of the exploding bishop. I kid you not -- he exploded, supposedly during his funeral.) Anyway, the Love Tree has a palm tree growing out of an oak. Kiss someone beneath it, you're stuck with them for life. Yes, the DH is doomed.
Wow, where did June go?! Well, yes, I know where the first week went -- you've been looking at photos of it for weeks. Actually, June's been pretty productive. The living room renovations are about 50% complete (I'm waiting on my sliding glass doors). The master bath is coming along nicely (I painted the ceiling and primed the walls yesterday). I've written 26,589 words on Something More in the last fourteen days. I completed one graduate course and started another one. Hearts Awakened is through final line edits.
July is going to be terribly busy. We need to finish the master bath, the master bedroom and my office before we re-tackle the living area and kitchen. (But we are almost finished! I can't wait. I want my life back!) I have to complete SM and give it a good editing before I turn it in. I have print galleys due on Hold On to Me. I'm teaching an online writing class through Wine Country Romance Writers. I need to get ready to write the next book (I'm in the thinking stages). I'll be embroiled in EDUC 6672 and I have to prepare for the coming school year.
But busy is good. Busy is just . . . me. :-)

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