Thursday, June 14, 2007

Checking In

I've been terribly grumpy for the last week or so. I'm trying to get over it, for poor Carol's sake at least. ;-)

The next few days are going to be horribly busy. If I can just make it to Monday . . . I'll be good. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to work a little bit of writing time into the chaos of those days (I really need to get Fish out of the mess I left him in).

Picked up my materials for British Literature yesterday. Have I mentioned I've never taught Brit Lit before? At least it's a senior course, and these lovelies (whom I've taught for four years now) have all passed the graduation test and there's no EOCT, so there isn't the pressure involved like with my American Lit class. So right now, I'm getting ready to read Beowulf and figure out how to have some fun with that.

And I get to teach Hamlet and Macbeth! I think I may order Othello as well. I love that play. Iago is so . . . deliciously evil.

I'm blogging over at RWKF today, too. Go hence and check out my review of "Learning Charity" by Summer Devon.


Carol B. said...

Carol doesn't mind. You've been working hard, overdoing (as you're prone to do). We'll dive back in on Monday. ;)

Anonymous said...


jk. how are you gonna have time to do it all?

with any luck, ill get to stay in your class... i think i would rather stay with the familiar than have to get used to somebody completely different at the last minute.