Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things to Do

I woke up at 6:00. (That should be illegal during the summer, btw.) Actually, it would be more accurate to say someone woke me up at 5:58 after I'd been up after midnight with his spawn who couldn't go to sleep.

But I'm up and moving: laundry in the washer, bathroom soaking under Scrubbing Bubbles, living room dusted, kitchen counters cleaned. I need to wash dishes and sweep.

Then I need to accomplish this:

1) revised synopsis for HOL
2) revised synopsis for HOTM
3) send HOL, HOTM and said revised synopses to Anne the Editor Goddess
4) make drama workshop plans
5) layout the writing instruction workshop I'm teaching this month
6) start ch. 4 of Stay With Me
7) Give in and find another stupid LMN movie to watch!

Ooh, I watched the hour-long Haunting Evidence special on Court TV last night. They were profiling the Natalee Hollaway case. I'm normally very skeptical but I tend to believe John and Carla are authentic. Watching Carla's readings on the beach there was spooky and heart-rending.

Then when I couldn't sleep after that, I got half-sucked into a LMN movie with Patty Duke. I love Patty!

Well, I guess I should go do those dishes.

Wonder what's on LMN later?

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