Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Okay, to prove I do watch movies sometimes . . . here are thirteen movies I've seen more than once (some are NOT by choice):

1) The Outsiders -- Let's say I was in middle school, obsessed, and leave it at that.

2) The Mummy -- It's the DH's favorite film of all time.

3) Top Gun -- I was in high school. We loved Tom Cruise. We were young and stupid.

4) Undercover Blues -- I adore this movie. I wish I could write books like this movie!

5) Open Range -- ditto. The love story in this film! Sigh...

6) To Kill a Mockingbird -- Gregory Peck. Need I say more?

7) True Lies -- I love Jamie Lee Curtis in this film. Tom Arnold is hilarious. I wish I LOOKED like Jamie Lee in this film...

8) The Wizard of Oz -- we watched it every year when I was a kid

9) Gone With the Wind -- yes, I've sat through all five hours, multiple times. I'm done, though.

10) Clamback -- Elvis! And Bill Bixby! And karate! It was great. I love it. So does Monster #2.

11) National Treasure -- Hello, Nicolas Cage. Kids love it, DH loves it, I get subjected to it.

12) The Great Gatsby -- I show the Robert Redford version every year. I love young Sam Waterston in it. It's fun to watch the kids react to it as well (they're predicatble -- the boys all go "Man!" when Jordan is on screen the first time, everyone hates Mia Farrow, they laugh uproariously at the scene where she cries over the shirts, and they gross out when the mistress cuts her hand and sucks the blood off her fingers so deliberately)

13) The Crucible -- Again, I show it when I teach the play. I love Daniel Day Lewis in this film. The kids are always outraged by the damned if you do, damned if you don't ending. And I have a girl or two cry every year over the ending.


Anonymous said...

I love Tom Cruise even more now.

NOW, you are old and stupid. Tabloid drone!

Linda Winfree said...

Darn, I need that little smiley with the one quirked eyebrow from Yahoo...

Actually, I don't read tabloids.

I actually have watched several of Cruise's recent movies -- loved the Last Samurai (long, but worth it).

My issues with Mr. Cruise stemmed from his interview with Matt Lauer (I used to watch the Today Show every morning while getting ready for school) and his comments therein about the use of medication for ADHD and other disorders.

I don't like everything Sean Connery has ever said or done, either and I still watch his films. I REALLY don't agree with all of M. MC's activities, but do I miss the opportunity to see him in a film? Nope.

Not that anyone REALLY cares, LOL.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Took the kids to see Pirates III tonight. Your DH will be happy to know National Treasure II is coming out 12.21.07

My kids are stoked. ;)