Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random Musings

Yes, I've been scarce -- buried in promo for TAC and edits/revisions on HOL.

Received this as part of an email from a former student yesterday:

Oh, and I have a funny story. I was sitting in my church service on sunday when i realized that the pastor was just giving a persuasive speech. not only did i out of the blue think of random usage of english in evryday life, but i realized that i wouldn't give my pastor that great of grade were i grading him. you've ruined me ms winfree.

I love it! That from one of my favorite students ever. I laughed but it makes me sad that I won't get to teach him next year (he's one of the ones I looped with for 3-4 years. Wayne gets to teach him next year, darn it.).

I'm enjoying watching Carol's new manuscript unfold as she works on it. She's probably tired of hearing me say, "Write faster." I want to read MORE, NOW!

I was over at eharlequin getting my online read fix (I love their little serials) earlier this week and realized they now offer e-books. Hmmm, being able to satisfy a Harlequin Presents glom urge without having to go to the bookstore or wait for shipping? Instant gratification?! Oh, joy! I'm really thinking I may ask the DH to buy me a handheld reader for Christmas this year. That's what's really sucked me into the whole electronic book thing -- being able to download and read instantly.

Also, I finally went to see the baby this week. She is so tiny! I had forgotten how small newborns were. Although, I think my Monsters were bigger than she is. She's a petite baby. Very beautiful, and Pam is a great mom already.

On the writing front, I have ten pages to go on editing HOL, then I'll give it another go-over. I'm so sick of my repeated words and phrases. My characters like to: smile (they're a happy bunch), slant looks, lift eyebrows, have all physical reactions in their gut/stomach/abdomen, and just get on my nerves. I also really like the word "again." I'm trying to avoid all this stuff in the new WIP. Update on Fish: he's still stuck in the middle of a bad situation. Hasn't moved in a week. To make things worse, Troy Lee is trying to horn in and get me to write his book next. I'm trying to think through that plot, and I kinda/sorta think it might need to go before Fish's book. Had a plot idea there I'm not so sure about -- trying to steer my thoughts away from that particular aspect. Will have to see what happens.

So what have you been up to this week?

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