Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Okay, Brace Yourself...

Because this is shocking. This is way out of the ordinary.

Last night . . .

I watched an entire movie, beginning to end, in one sitting.


Actually, it was pretty good, although I thought the DH would stroke out when he realized I expected him to sit through two hours of the Lifetime Movie Network.

For the most part, the characters carried the film more than the plot. Kelly Rowan played a woman married to a religious-fanatic bigamist who intended to marry her twelve-year-old daughter to a chosen husband. She takes her children and runs.

The movie had its predictable moments -- the sixteen-year-old daughter who does something TSTL in an act of rebellion, what happens to said daughter, the heroine committing one majorly TSTL act.

But there was a hint of romance between the mother and the local cop, the developing friendship between the heroine and a new coworker was good.

There were hints of reality -- the way social services performed was realistic.


There were also some things that had to have been thrown in plot-wise that left me shaking my head -- two definite screw-ups in terms of the way law enforcement works with social services in many states. I realize they were there in order to make the plot work, but they bugged me nonetheless. Because if I can make a book plot around the foibles of how the real world of law enforcement works, the shortcuts aren't needed.

Do you sometimes find that writing makes you approach movie or tv viewing differently?

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