Monday, February 25, 2008

I Am So Tired!

Here's the accomplishment list for the weekend (but not pictures, alas!):

1) All fascia (sp?) is hung.

2) Drip edge installed.

3) All roof repairs made.

4) Wet, icky, stinky junk out of the room that flooded.

5) Tar paper on roof. Shingling to commence as soon as rain is gone tomorrow.

6) Final paper submitted to EDUC 6671.

7) Portfolio artifacts and rationale statements submitted as directed.

8) Quiz and first discussion post for EDUC 6625 out of the way.

Edits, you say? Print galleys? Grading of tons and tons of student note cards?

I'm working on it.

What are you up to?


Rebecca said...

Hey Linda, This is your cousin, Becky. What flooded? I hope a storage building not part of your house. I can't wait until your next book is out. Bec

Carol Burnside said...

Um, requested revisions on a full. That's what I'm doing. And cleaning house. ugh.

(I love, love, love being able to say that first line.){g}

You go woman! What a whirlwind you are!!