Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Open Statement

(Or . . . Judgmental People Suck)

To the two supposed "ladies" in line at the Dollar General:

Yes, the house and yard you were openly discussing and passing judgment on in public belong to me. Yes, right now, they look pretty sucky.

Major construction tends to do that.

I'm sorry improving our home and suffering through the subsequent mess offends your sensibilities. Try living in it.

God willing, we should be finished in one to two months. Yes, that long. Because we both work (I, by the way, have two careers). I also am attending graduate school and am actively involved in coaching Literary while planning the talent show at school. Did I mention we're doing the work on the house ourselves?

So, thank you so much for sharing your opinion on my "trashy" lifestyle with everyone in earshot in Dollar General today.

By the way, that handsome guy behind you? My husband, who makes a pretty good roofer, painter, drywall installer, father and spouse. He's also a much nicer person than I am, obviously, because he chose not to confront you.

If it had been me on the other hand, I'd have thanked you nicely for taking such an interest in my personal affairs and apologized in person.

Then waited while you slithered back under your rock.

Have a nice day.



Jami Davenport said...


People are so catty at times. You're right, they belong under a rock. BTW, I'm anxiously waiting for your new book!!!


Esther said...

Busybodies are all over. Here in the Northwest too! More power to you, your husband, and your family Linda!

Carol Burnside said...

You go, girl!

vanessa jaye said...

Some folks pass the time by being jerks. Never you mind, Lin. In two months you'll have your loverly home, and they'll still be #$@!es.