Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Weirdness and Goodness

Today was a weird day. All my kids wanted to do was kvetch.

"I hate Macbeth."

"Why do we have to write thesis statements?"

"Are we watching that stupid movie?"

And on and on and on. Plus, the kids who are normally really well-behaved? I tossed FOUR of them out of two different classes. I can't remember the last time I had to throw anyone out and FOUR in one day?

Oh, man.

By fourth period, this sign was posted on my door:

Abandon all hope, ye who enter! CAUTION: Both Ms. Winfree's patience and sense of humor have left the building for the day. Act accordingly or face the consequences. (And they won't be pleasant.)

I have goodness on one level to share, but it's not mine to share, so . . . I must wait.

But, there is public goodness -- Moira Rogers has TWO new contracts. I predicted this. Go forth and offer congratulations.

I'm good like that. ;-)


Bree said...

You predicted success and man, we're drowning in it all of the sudden!

I think you have the magic touch. :D

Carol B. said...

Too cool! Think some of that contract magic might rub off?