Friday, February 22, 2008

Quick Stuff

Am I the only person in America who doesn't watch American Idol?

Feels like it some days. :-)

Oh, and the first part of Forever with You, a Hearts of the South novella, is up at my yahoo group: I'll post part two next week and the final part the week thereafter.

Added a HOTM piece to the Cutting Room Floor file as well. :-)

Happy Friday!


Moira Rogers said...

I absolutely do not watch American Idol.

Though now I'm just stubborn. Thanks to Reuben, Bo and Taylor, I have got American Idol OVERDOSE. How many of those finalists can come from Birmingham, anyway?

Taylor Hicks actually went to High School with my husband. He's from our little suburb, so there have been times where our evening news will start off about how he's in town and then conclude with, "And after the break, another church fire..."

C'mon, really? American Idol gets top place in the news over Church arsons??

Bah! I'm bitter.


Rebecca said...

Linda, I don't watch American Idol either. Actually, I don't watch TV. Too boring. There are too many other things to do in this world instead of worshipping the idiot box. Bec