Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen -- Research Papers I'm Looking Forward to Reading

I could probably list more than thirteen -- my kids picked great topics this year. But here are thirteen, from the 100+ I'll read between February and April that I'm particularly looking forward to . . .

1) Comparative politics -- The kid whose writing this one is a great writer and has a nice, comedic tone. It will be a hoot.

2) The existence of ghosts -- Again, a good writer willing to look at both sides of the issue. His level of excitement over this topic will make it an interesting read.

3) Archery -- The kid writing it is a hoot. I've already seen part of it and even in rough form, it's great.

4) Abortion -- A topic I see every year. It gets old. But the student writing this one is doing great research and it'll be interesting to see what she comes up with.

5) Global warming -- two papers. Two kids. Two very different takes. Should be interesting.

6) Cryptozoology -- I've never seen this topic done before. The kid writing it is smart, funny, a good writer. It'll be a good one.

7) Photography -- I bet I can take better photos after reading this one. ;-)

8) Geishas -- Great writer with a topic she's passionate about. Can't wait.

9) The Columbine shootings -- I've not seen this topic before either. The kid writing this one is doing great research. It'll be good.

10) The Dave Matthews Band -- 'nuff said. :-D

11) Spirituality -- a really, really strongly opinionated writer. Should be interesting.

12) Heavy Metal Music -- I'll learn something I didn't know from reading it. Guaranteed.

13) Comparative Religions -- She's taking a neat angle with this paper. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

What was your most interesting high school writing assignment?

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Bree said...

I had a history teacher who gave us the assignment to write an Epic Story (of 15+ pages). This was a teacher who I was very fond of, one who I used to sit around with and talk about my favorite fantasy books.

I turned in a 60 page story full of magic and confusion and 18 characters who needed a family tree and an appendix to be kept apart. The whole thing together was probably 80 pages.

And it was utterly AWFUL, but he still encouraged me and gave me extra credit for my inspired attempt at a 15 page story. ;)