Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen -- Favorite Foods

For some weird reason, I'm food obsessed lately. I'm not over-eating -- actually, I'm eating what I normall do -- but I'm obsessing about food.

So . . . to that end . . . thirteen of my favorite foods, no particular order:

1) Big Dawg fries with pepper and ranch dipping sauce
2) White Cheddar Cheezits
3) Camembert baked in pastry (with honey and fruit)
4) Birthday cake with ice cream
5) Cheeseburgers
6) Chicken salad on Wheat Thins
7) Cheddar cheese, walnuts and grapes
8) Frito Scoops with ranch dip
9) Muffins: orange cranberry, lemon poppy seed
10) A bagel with cream cheese
11) Chili
12) Crab Rangoons
13) Spaghetti Bolognese

Now I'm hungry. . .


Esther said...

What no pizza? :)

Linda Winfree said...

Pizza would be #14. ;-)

And of course, it's pizza from the Big Dawg!

Carol B. said...

Hmm. Doesn't sound very healthy, Lin.