Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Reviews

I've never had Romance Junkies reviews before, so I was excited to learn I recently had TWO reviews there. Couldn't resist sharing.

Hold On to Me and His Ordinary Life were recently reviewed by Romance Junkies. Both books received 5 Blue Ribbon Reviews.

Jenn, the reviewer, said this in part about Hold On to Me: “a welcome addition to Ms. Winfree's HEARTS OF THE SOUTH engaging and gritty as its predecessors and has a depth that is undeniable…Tick' s ability to forgive and his innate sexiness are hard to resist and when Caitlin finally surrenders the sex is explosive and caring in one brilliantly written love story.”

Jenn also reviewed His Ordinary Life and had this to say on Del and Barb’s story: “…an amazing look at the power of love and the journey of discovering who we really are and what we want out of life…a moving and emotional read that should not be missed.”

You can read both reviews in full at the following links:


Esther said...

Kudos on these reviews! All your stories are "top drawer!" (too Katherine Hepburn?!?) Honestly, I've read them all, really enjoyed them, and look forward to the new release in March. Regardless of its release date, I'm going to save it for after I finish my quarter at school. It will be my reward after all that grading!

Linda Winfree said...

Thanks, Esther! And can one *ever* be too Katherine Hepburn -- I LOVE HER!

I can so understand waiting to read *after* grading. I do that a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I am so pleased that you enjoyed my reviews as much as I enjoyed reading your books. I didn;t realize RJ never reviewed your books before and I am honored to have been the first to do so.

I am totally ion love with your Hearts of the SOuth series and like Esther your March release cna not get here fast enough.

Hopefully I;m lucky enough to review it but if not I know I;ll be reading as soon as it comes out.

Congrats to two well deserved reviews and for sharing Del and Tick with me.

Linda Winfree said...

Ah, Jenn, thank YOU so much for those reviews. I'm so glad you liked Del and Tick.

I hope you like Stanton & Autry's story just as much!