Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Show And Tell

So I've been bemoaning the renovations from hell for, what? Months? Well, this weekend has been the "Hey, let's rip off the siding and replace it so we can finish the roofing" weekend. Wait, that's what it was supposed to be.

Then we found the electrical issues. The scary ones. The ones the DH doesn't want to explain to me (Uh, yeah, honey. I'm college-educated. I know a shorted-out wire that singes the insulation isn't a good thing. Keep trying to hide that.).

So then there's the floor joists that have to be rebuilt because, you know, that's what the batting boards attach to, and you know, the siding attaches to those boards.

So . . . the siding has to be up before the shingles can go on. And, you know what? Plastic doesn't always stop water. Hence, the waterfall in my office during a mega-thunderstorm Saturday night.

But . . . there is progress. We have more than 1/2 of the siding hung now. About a month and we should be through most of the major stuff.

Here's pics of the during, taken yesterday. Connie's reaction when I sent them to her Blackberry:

"What. Happened?"

I think she thought we'd fallen victim to the FOUR tornados that came through south of us Sunday night. It kinda looks like it.

I'll post after pics tomorrow, when we're finished with the rear siding.


William Wren said...

we all get there in the enevitable,

Carol B. said...

Oh, yeah. It definitely looks like a tornado came through. Even your porch is gone! Wow.

Hugs. It's going to be great when you get it finished.