Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Brain Is a Morass

Scenes from Winfree's Classroom: The rejection wall. Those are my rejection letters and current rejection count, overlaid with pithy motivational statements. It's meant to be motivational.

Today? Today I do not have the clue to motivation, teacherly or writerly. I went for a run and my brain is all over this weird crossroads place I seem to be at in multiple areas, but it did little to straighten out the mess.

I'm hoping it's just an off day. I thought about writing out what all was in my head, but it doesn't even make sense completely to me and as I said, I'm not close to figuring out directions, etc.

Snagged a cool British poem that sparked a censorship furor via Smart Bitches. I'm using it and the author's reply poem with my seniors Thursday. It's perfect for Lord of the Flies.

Taking my grumpy, contemplative self off to fix hot dogs for the family. Hey, at least we're eating together as a family.


Melissa H. said...

I just wanted to come back and tell you I finally got to finish my "Cookie" and loved him, ah . . . it, I mean ah . . . him, well both;)! I think what I love about your stories and your characters both is that they have so many layers. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling all sick just looking at your wall. *sigh*
You're brave, I'd never have the guts to look at them every day.

Linda Winfree said...

Hey, Melissa! Thanks for stopping back by -- I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Rhian, it made me a little crazy the day I put it up, b/c it meant touching them and reading them again. But since? Pfft. I'm too busy in that room to really look at them. The kids like to take a look and read, though.

Esther said...

When I (too) quickly looked at your last photo, I thought it said "You're going to get knocked up."!

As for making it through the crossroads, just get by with a little help from your friends -- and the Beatles!

Allie Boniface said...

Hey! I didn't know you were a fellow English teacher...very cool :)