Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Musings: Movies, Kids & Writing

Scenes from Winfree's hometown -- the school where my mom (and Paula Deen) attended elementary school. Also coincidentally part of the campus where I now teach. It was constructed in the 1930's.

Over the weekend, I previewed the 1963 film version of Lord of the Flies so I could show it to my seniors this week. I'd heard it was a great adaptation; however, I was greatly disappointed by it. Usually, I prefer the book to any movie, and this was no exception. Although parts of the film were well done, there was so much on the page that didn't translate to the screen, and I ended up feeling cheated. The ending, especially, disappointed -- the ending dialogue was cut and so all of the subtext of Golding's denouement, with its skillful point of view shift and cutting irony, was lost. The kids will still love having a movie day, but I'm interested to hear their take on the film versus the book.

Next up in Brit Lit? 1984. I'm excited! I love teaching it, although it is a major challenge for me.

The juniors are reading The Great Gatsby in American Lit and wrapping up their Post-Modern projects this week.

Freshmen? They've just come off The Quest, which they didn't do so well with. I hate that because generally if students don't do well with it, I end up playing prison guard instead of teacher . . . and if I wanted to be a prison guard, I'd go apply for that job. Anyway, they are continuing to work on their short story unit. I'm ready to move to the second unit, which continues to explore the short story and its elements, but includes a creative-writing component.

On the writing front, I recieved an email that Truth and Consequences was chosen for Samhain's Kindle giveaway in October. More details to follow.

I'm still working on revisions to Facing It, Chris and Ruthie's book. I'm also thinking through the plotting for a new WIP, a contemporary romance. Here's one of the photos I picked up for my hero, Vince Falconetti:

I'm off to do some school plotting. Hope you had a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! VINCE!!! We're getting Vince!!!
Enough said.

Linda Winfree said...

LOL, Rhian, glad you're excited. You realize I'm just in the thinking-through-the-plot stage, right? ;-)

Esther said...

I too am psyched about Vince!

BTW, is your accent as deep as Paula's? (asks your fan with the NW twang ;)

Linda Winfree said...

It depends on who you ask. ;-) I lost a lot of my accent when we lived in Florida for three years. I know I have one, but it's not as bad as it was. I don't think I twang or anything, which Paula does -- I think I just drawl.

And I'm really picky about pronunciation and enunciation. :-D

Jambrea said...

Good luck on your revisions! I hope Monday treated you well. :D

Anonymous said...

Linda, at this point I'll take thinking. It means Vince is down the road there waving a big red flag and I just know you won't be able to resist going down there to see what he's up to.
Yay! VINCE!!

Esther said...

And I'm really picky about pronunciation and enunciation. :-D

Sounds like a true teacher to me!

Melissa H. said...

Oh! Yay!!! Just have to add a shout out for Vince! Thinking is good, very good!

Also totally agree about books vs. movies. I think the only adaptation I wasn't disappointed with was A&E's Pride & Prejudice.